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Academic Coaching for University Students

Are you a university student feeling stuck or lost in your academic journey? Are you wondering whether you should continue your program, or how to motivate yourself to finish your degree?

Academic coaching is a personalized and goal-oriented support system designed to help you achieve your academic performance goals and overall success. I work with students in both undergraduate and graduate programs to rediscover the passion that brought you to your program in the first place. As a coach, I provide guidance, support, and encouragement, enabling you to clarify objectives, overcome obstacles, and create actionable plans for success. The central aim is to empower students to make informed decisions, maximize strengths, and navigate challenges effectively. Through active listening, asking probing questions, and offering constructive feedback, coaching facilitates self-discovery and growth, ultimately leading to positive and lasting changes in various aspects of life

Who am I?

I am a fully trained Co-Active Institute coach, an HR professional with 10 years of experience, and an experienced public speaker, educator, and writer.

In January of 2022, my father passed away after a long battle with the effects of a massive stroke. As cliché as it may sound, 2022 was a year of self-examination and discovery, so with the help of two of my dear friends who are also Co-Active coaches, I launched VCC in October of 2022.

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