1:1 Coaching

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with the idea that if we buy one more thing we can finally be complete, the belief that we – you, me, and everyone else – are inherently whole is a radical act. It is something I believe with my whole chest: we are enough, just as we are. With that said, sometimes we get stuck and could use a coach.

For students, writers, and educators, specifically at the university level, “stuck” may manifest as an inability to make progress on one’s dissertation or thesis, boredom in class (for both teachers and students), or some level of impostor syndrome.

For managers, “stuck” can look like missed (or barely achieved) deadlines, a fractured feeling within your team, a lack of trust, inability to delegate, or a general sense of confusion over what “managing a team” truly looks like.

Coaching is a powerful way to identify where your “stuck” is coming from, then engage your inherent curiosity and begin taking action. After all, you ended up where you are for a reason; can you recall what is fascinating about that reason?

If you’re ready to make a shift, I am delighted to offer an exploratory session. The coach/client relationship is a deeply important one, so the first step is to introduce each other to each other and see where we go from there. Click the calendar below to schedule an Introductory Session.

Prefer to chat via email? Contact me here.

Either way, I can’t wait to hear all about it.