Business Consulting

When you hire me to consult with your business, you are hiring a deeply practical person with the tact and empathy of a coach, as well as the full capability of a Type-A recovering perfectionist.

My skills are best called in when plates are overflowing, organizational systems are no longer working, or when the work of training a team member to take on a new task feels more overwhelming than “just” doing it yourself.

I can work with your operations team to:

  • Standardize and update job descriptions at all levels of an organization
  • Build rubrics and define goals for current employees
  • Identify and evaluate employee capacity and responsibility levels
  • Smooth communication among team members and between teams
  • Update Human Resources documentation
  • Assess, recommend, and help to implement new and/or streamlined processes
  • Manage organizational projects
  • Identify and implement Human Capital Management system updates

If your need is not on this list, there’s a good chance a quick conversation can determine if my consulting skill set will be of assistance.

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